When you place your outdoor spaces in our hands, you can depend on a landscape design that’s perfect for your lifestyle and more than you could have imagined.

Get Started


At the start of every project, we’ll tour your existing landscape and discuss your requirements, objectives and uses for your landscape. It’s a process that works both ways. You in turn will have the opportunity to speak with us, ask questions and find out how we’ll approach your project.

Let our lifestyle landscaping transform your space

Design package

We create both master landscape and segmented area designs. A master design as you might expect is a comprehensive design for you entire outside space while a segmented area design might be for an outdoor kitchen and patio, a play yard or entertainment area. Basically any section of your yard you want to improve. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that the final design completely meets or exceeds your expectations.

Generally, our design package includes:

  • Documenting, measuring and photographing the site
  • Overhead plan – a 2D drawing showing a birds eye view of your yard or area to be improved.
  • Details and specs of materials and plants to be used

Once completed, a comprehensive estimate will be provided for completing the project.